Adjustable NecklaceCrafted to suit your desired fit, our adjustable necklaces have a customizable slider that can be moved to adapt to your style. Our chain necklaces with an adjustable slider come in a variety of metals like Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold chain necklaces. Discover our collection of long necklaces for inspiration behind the length of your adjustable necklace.

Bar NecklaceOur bar necklaces are simple with a unique, elongated rectangular shape. Browse our collection of bar necklaces for a Gold necklace that will be an elegant addition to your jewelry box.

Choker Necklace – A choker necklace is the shortest of all necklaces, designed to be worn close to the neck.. Choker necklaces are the perfect first layer, that can then have pendant necklaces or long necklaces added beneath. Discover our selection of choker necklaces to find a Silver necklace or a Gold choker necklace that will add flair to your accessories collection.

Long Necklace – Long necklaces plunge below the neckline, creating  the perfect statement. Our long necklaces come in many styles, metals and colors and are highly versatile.

Lariat Necklace – Identified by its y-shape, lariat necklaces are worn looped around the neck with no specific clasp on either end. Our collection of lariat necklaces look stunning with deep necklines and come in a variety of metals, making these pieces perfect for any occasion.

Statement Necklace – Statement necklaces are easy to spot—bold, unique, colorful, and attention grabbing. Our selection comes in different metals, shapes, colors, and stones. Discover a piece that feels like your own custom necklace when you browse our suite of statement necklaces.

Pendant Necklace – A pendant is a piece of jewelry, small or large, that hangs from a chain worn around the neck. Common in fashion, pendant necklaces are usually dainty, with a small stone or charm accent.


Drop Earrings – Drop earrings are versatile, lightweight, attach to the earlobe and feature a gemstone or ornament that dangles from a chain or hoop. Our drop earrings vary in length, style and color, making them the perfect statement earrings.

Ear Climbers – Ear climber earrings begin at the bottom of the earlobe, then climb up the ear, creating an illusion that you’re wearing something more complex than stud earrings. Shop our collection of playful, yet sophisticated ear climber earrings.

Hoop Earrings – Hoop earrings are earrings in the form of a circular band and are made of metal, resin, or a similar material. Ethera hoop earrings are versatile and come in many sizes and materials.

Huggie Earrings – Huggie earrings resemble small hoop earrings, crafted with a hinge at the top of the earring that allows the post to open and close without an earring back. These small hoops are situated closely to the earlobe and are perfect for girls who want dainty earrings for their second piercing. Shop more of the small earrings to find an accent earring  which completes every look.

Statement Earrings – Statement earrings are bold, unique, colorful and attention-grabbing. Our selection comes in different metals, shapes, hues and stones like beautiful chandelier earrings and colorful gemstone earrings. Discover your new statement piece when you browse Ethera statement earrings.

Stud Earrings – Stud earrings are small and worn close to the earlobe, with no dangling element. Every girl deserves to own one good pair of stud earrings because they’re lightweight and easy to style. For a versatile staple piece, shop our stud earrings, or for a touch of elegance, opt for our Diamond stud earrings.

Threader Earrings – Ethera threader earrings are made from a length of chain and give the illusion that they were threaded through the earlobe. They combine a statement earrings’ silhouette with sleek detail, creating a one-of-a-kind look. Browse our selection of lightweight threader earrings in various metals.


RING VOCABULARY                                                                        

Adjustable Ring – An adjustable ring can be pinched to your desired fit so you can wear it on any finger you choose.                                                               

Band Ring – Our band rings are dainty and made of precious metals and gems, enclosing the entire finger. These rings are perfect to wear with other rings because of their uniform shape. Discover our sparkling band rings—striking from every angle.

Cocktail Ring – Bold and colorful, our cocktail rings, also known as statement rings, are larger in size made to draw attention. Many of our cocktail rings feature large stones, bright colors, and lots of sparkle. Elevate your jewelry box with Ethera cocktail rings in different metals.

Diamond Rings – All of our Diamond rings are made from conflict-free diamonds and are made in much accordance. These rings feature a delicate setting of diamonds and are made to last a lifetime. Stack our diamond rings or wear them alone for understated sparkle.

Stackable Ring – Because one ring is never enough — our stackable rings are simple and dainty, made to wear together on one finger, or worn across several fingers. Find stackable rings in your favorite styles and metals to layer everyday.

Open Ring – A unique statement, open rings are made with an opening on the top of the finger. Shaped like a U, these rings are adjustable, so are easily wearable on any finger.


Adjustable Bracelet – Crafted to suit your desired fit, our adjustable bracelets have a customizable slider that can be moved to adapt to your style. Shop adjustable bracelets to find versatile and stylish bracelets for any style.

Bangle Bracelet – A bangle bracelet is a closed bracelet that can’t be clasped or unclasped, and doesn’t fit tightly to the wrist. To put it on, all you need to do is slide your hand through the bracelet. This style of bracelet is made to slide loosely up and down the arm. Plus, they look beautiful when stacked with other bangle bracelets, cuffs, or chain bracelets. Shop our collection of bangle bracelets to find your new staple piece, or browse silver bracelets and gold bracelets for other inspiring styles.

Beaded Bracelet – Beaded bracelets are bracelets made from loose beads and connected to each other through the bead’s center hole with string or elastic. These bracelets are versatile and textured, making an elegant statement with layers of beautiful beads. Discover different colors and styles in our beaded bracelet collection.

Chain Bracelet – Chain bracelets are ornamental bands made from a small chain and worn around the wrist. Our chain bracelets come in many metals, colors and styles, and can be fastened with an adjustable slider or a lobster claw clasp. Browse for chain bracelets in our adjustable bracelets and birthstone bracelets collection to find a piece that is unique to you.

Cuff Bracelets – Cuff bracelets fit around the entire wrist, but are open in the back, allowing you to wear and remove the bracelet. Fitting snugly with an adjustable fit, our cuff bracelets are designed to be worn anywhere and layered with other bracelets. Browse our collection of cuff bracelets to discover a variety of metals and styles